Presenting Your Property For Sale

You've heard the old expression first impressions count well they really do and believe you me a little effort can go a long way. Even before a buyer makes contact with a real estate agency to view a home they have already driven past the property several times and done their research online. So its extremely important to present the property at its best at all times. The number one thing to do is to hire a professional photography, for very little money its a great investment. When a buyer walks through the door they image themselves living in the property and where they can place their furniture etc.  A clean bright uncluttered interior always pays so open the curtains and let in the natural light and breezes. On a cold winters day turn on a heater as this will give the buyer a feeling of warmth and wanting to stay and for those hot days turn on fans and air conditioners, but most importantly clean and de-clutter. 

Mow lawns, weed gardens and whipper snip edges, there is nothing more than a turn off when a potential client drives past a property and the lawn is long and garden beds are overgrown with weeds. 

Pools - ensure that the pool is clean and the water is sparkling and everything is in good working order. It is a good idea for open homes and inspections to have the pool pump going as running water gives a calming affect. You will also need to obtain a pool safety certificate.

Bathrooms and Ensuites -  remove all shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap, toothbrushes, body scrubs and makeup (this includes inside the shower) and close the lid on the toilet. 

Kitchen - put away toasters, jugs and other small appliances as buyers like to see bench space and where they can put their items.

Remove dog and cat bowls particularly if they are located inside and at open homes take the dog for a walk or remove the dog from the property whilst the inspection is in place.