Property Management

Heather Sutton , 28 Jul 2019

We are based in Brisbane and had a Real Estate in Bundaberg looking after are property in Avondale. We were dumbfounded to find out at the end of the year we were missing 9 weeks rent which we thought was being held over for repairs. We were eventually advised that the tenant was not paying rent and we strongly believe the Real Estate concerned was not on top of the situation and we were also not advised of the problem. Toni, from Bundaberg Property, came on board, took over management of our property and had everything sorted in a couple of days. Yes, we received all our outstanding rent as well as a very detailed report including lots of pictures detailing the condition of the property. I cannot thank Toni enough and would suggest if you need a Real Estate in Bundy THIS IS THE ONE - my faith has been restored