How To Choose a Property Manager

Whether you have just purchased a property, managing your rental property yourself or another agent is currently managing your property, making the move to Bundaberg Property Gallery is easy. While many investors spend a large amount of time and effort carefully researching the property markets and then finding the right property, they ignore the role that a professional property manager can play in preserving their property’s capital value maximising its income. At Bundaberg Property Gallery we strive to be one of the best in the industry and to achieve this we listen to our clients and undergo training to keep up with legislation. Our Staff are known for their attention to detail, a strong ethic of personal service and to exceed your exceptions.  Property Management is not a job it's a passion. 

Why Choose Bundaberg Property Gallery As Your Rental Manager

Our point of difference

Experience - Most property managers work for the tenants but we work for the client and in 99% of all other real estate’s, the principal is sales trained and employ people to manage the department, but what happens when these people leave or go on holidays.  Our principal Toni Kuchtin has been in the property management industry since 1999 so you know that your property is in good hands. Not only does she have a sound knowledge of the industry but she also attends regular training sessions when ever they are available. 

Communication - We know the importance of constant communication. That's why you will receive the direct e-mail address of your property manager and return your calls and e-mails within one business day. We will also be in contact after each inspection and at least once a week during vacancy periods. We also pick up the phone and talk to our clients. 

Reports, Statements -  As the property owner, you have the right to complete access to your records, invoices, and statements. We also provide you a copy of the entry condition report with photos and, routine inspection report with photos. 

Rent Arrears - We take rent arrears extremely serious;y. To ensure your payments stay up to date, we receipt daily.  We also keep you up to date with every step of the arrears process.

Routine Inspections - The condition of your property is extremely important and that is why we conduct and inspection approximately 8 weeks after the tenant has moved in and then every 3 months thereafter.  Most agencies as now conducting their inspections every 6 months. 

Viewings - We show properties after hours and on weekends. We understand that people work and have busy lives and are unable to make the viewings during work hours,  this is why we schedule them to suit the prospective tenant.  

On Line Computer Program -  We offer our clients access to our online computer program where they can view where the tenant's rent is paid to, your rental statements and most importantly how much money you will receive each month. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

When Choosing A Property Manager You Should Be Asking The Following Questions – 

  • Does your agency have a dedicated property management department? 
  • Is the director/owner of the agency overseeing the property management department?
  • How many years of experience does the property manager/principal have? 
  • How many properties does one property manager manage? 
  • Will you advise me of any maintenance and repairs that need to be made at the property? 
  • What are your fees? 
  • Do you charge extra fees for advertising, lease renewals and inspections? 
  • Does the property manager or principal attend regular training sessions? 
  • What systems do you have in place for rent arrears, applications, showing of properties etc?
  • How often do you carry out inspections
  • How often do I receive the funds into my account? 

On a daily basis, we demonstrate to our landlords that we offer the ideal combination of professionalism, experience, and commitment.  Property Managers need to be compassionate when needed, firm but fair, good at negotiating and excellent at time management.